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Mike Minter

Mike Minter

Pennington CrossFit (PCF) is down the street from where I work, and I drove by it every day while they were preparing to open. My brother is a CrossFitter in Michigan but is in better shape than I am. I felt like CrossFit was something I should do too but not until I got in better shape, especially after seeing it on television and realizing I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises. But after a couple more months went by with no additional trips to the gym, I finally just emailed PCF and told them to sign me up.

I knew it was going to be challenging but was surprised by a couple of things. First was how welcoming and warm I felt from day 1. 

I was intimidated before my first day even started but everyone I met was so friendly that I quickly relaxed. Second was how every move is scalable to your ability level so if you are not able to do an exercise, there are easier variations you can try which help you build up to the more difficult one.

For me, pull ups were an issue but they have a variety of resistance bands you can use which make it doable. Third was how much the owners and coaches care about you. They take the time to show you in detail the proper form of each move and then watch to make sure you are doing it right. They want you to see results and set goals for yourself so you can work towards accomplishing them instead of just going through the motions.

I wasn’t expecting any help as far as better nutrition and wasn’t pressured to change my diet, but I wanted to learn about Paleo eating. Changing my diet along with the workouts is giving me faster results than I have ever gotten on my own.


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