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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

PCF August Member Spotlight:

Kevin McNamee

Some of our favorite comments from Kevin include (but are not limited to):

“Burpees are cruel”

“I am going to get down to my fighting weight”

“The only reason I took my shirt off was because it was so hot”

“Maybe I shouldn't do the Rx weight”

“Good thing I have no political opinions”

About Kevin

Favorite Workout: The Chief. Total gasser, lots of fun.

Favorite Movement: Power Snatch.

Favorite Memory: Friday night lights open WODs. So many people showing up to work hard and cheer for friends/family...good stuff.

Post-workout Meal: always a couple of eggs (fried, scrambled, hard boiled, whatever...I just really like eggs), a good amount of protein usually chicken, half of a sweet potato, and some kind of fruit (banana, handful of berries, an orange)

Fun Fact about Kevin: my love of Batman is pretty well established, and when we are going through a hard WOD like Murph or Fight Gone Bad, I'm usually whispering to myself that "Batman wouldn't give up". That looks insane typed out, but there it is.

Fitness Goal: after a month of slacking off, I'm working on rebuilding some muscular endurance and stamina, and dropping a few lbs.

Coaches say that Kevin is...

Ambitious, coachable, determined, intellectual, enthusiastic, full of fun energy, and always does his best.

Kevin always has a story and a smile on his face.

Kevin is a great loyal member with a fun attitude who likes to work hard. He is supportive of his fellow members and is always ready to challenge himself.