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Anne Jones

Anne Jones

I started CrossFit  a couple of years ago and initially I felt intimidated by what looked like pretty impossible weights and moves my fellow CrossFitters were doing. I quickly found that it is not so scary because everything can be scaled to your abilities and within days I was addicted!
CrossFit is not just an amazing and efficient way to get fit, it is all about the energy and remarkable sense of team for what is essentially an individual sport. It is truly the one sport where the biggest cheer often goes to the person who finishes last. It is a real community and personally it has been life changing for me. It has changed not just how I work out, but how I think, what I eat and I have made some of my closest friends all through this unique environment.


I have had the privilege of being coached by Lee for almost two years and she is all that a CrossFit coach should be. It’s not just about being an excellent coach on the moves, but her encouraging and patient style is truly motivational and pushes me to do more than I thought possible. If you want to be part of something special, I strongly recommend giving Pennington CrossFit a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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