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Nikki Camiso

Nikki Camiso

Although it has been very challenging, I truly love it. This is the first time since I got sick that I feel like I might someday be me again. Strong, healthy. I used to be SO fit and in shape. I want to be that again. I realize it will be a very long journey, but you have been SO wonderful, and so have Donna, Kevin, and the rest of the staff. Most importantly, I've been welcomed by the women in the class, who are constantly encouraging and supportive, particularly Diana and the other gorgeous (super fit) lady who has been at each 5:15 am class I've attended. I'm not sure that I would have had the courage to come back if it weren't for their kind words and encouragement, and I made it two days in a row because Diana motivated me at the end of Monday's class.

 I feel as though I have something to look forward to now. I've been in a rough place for a very long time.


Nikki Camiso
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